Pax Organics For Baby

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The Pax Organics for Baby teething necklaces can be worn by moms to be a teething soother for baby's achy gums, and to keep baby's grasping hands occupied during breastfeeding or babywearing. When worn as a nursing necklace, they prevent your little one from tugging on your hair or clothing, and can even provide an eye-catching focal point so that baby does less distracted unlatching and more peaceful nursing. 

The Pax Organics for Baby teething necklace is handmade from untreated maple wood and organic cotton and is CPSC/CPSIA compliant for safety. No fabric glues, no silicone beads that can catch on your hair, and no synthetic, polyester ribbon that can fray or unravel are used on this product. Every necklace is double stitched for strength, and wood teething beads are fabric-wrapped and knotted for safety.