Things We Love: Westyn Baby

Things We Love: Westyn Baby

We're always on the lookout for the best brands for baby basics, and Westyn Baby is a new option for premium baby sleepwear. Just launched last month, Westyn Baby has soft, chemical-free, no-fuss pajama sets available in sizes 0-24 months (and toddler sizes are coming soon!). Read on for our Q&A with owner Tara to learn more about this awesome company.  

Tell us a bit about you and your family.  

My husband and I have been together for 12 years and we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary this month! We grew up in the same New Jersey town and maintained our relationship throughout college. We have one beautiful, charismatic two year old boy whose personality is currently bursting at the seams! We live in Central Pennsylvania, but spend as much time as we can in New Jersey with our families.

What inspired you to start Westyn Baby? Give us details on your journey from idea to shop owner.

My son, Trey, was almost a year old when I had the idea for Westyn Baby. I found many companies that had great clothes for babies and toddlers, but none of them focused on sleepwear. Most of the pajamas I ended up buying were made of an itchy cotton/polyester blend. They didn’t fit well and they had irritating tags. My son had severe dry skin so I began searching for pajamas that were more comfortable and less irritating, but what I wanted was nowhere to be found. After much due diligence, I began working with a team, sketching, designing and choosing fabrics. Once production started, I began preparing our online store, writing for our blog, and sharing my story. It’s been a year and a half process, so this is a very exciting time for me.

You have five people who are part of the Westyn Baby team. How did this team come together?

Prior to Westyn Baby, my husband and I had started Bretton Medical, a durable medical equipment company. A few years later, my husband co-founded San-Francisco-based Sport Up/UpMetrics, while I continued to oversee our medical company.

When I realized Westyn Baby was my future, we sat our team down and explained that we intended to bring them on to work for Westyn Baby, if they were interested. They took a leap of faith and I’m grateful that they believe in this company and our mission.

Your sleepwear is made without the use of harsh chemicals, materials or dyes. Where do you source your material from?

Our material is sourced from India. It’s an exceptionally soft, creamy modal/lycra blend and we truly believe they are the softest PJs you’ll ever feel! The other important feature is that we don’t use harsh flame retardants. Loose-fitting PJs are required to be treated with flame retardant chemicals; our PJs hug the body tightly, keeping little ones safe from burns and flame retardants, all while avoiding saggy butts and tripping over pants that are too long!

Do you have a favorite PJ set design for your little one?

I like simple, no-fuss options; I don’t want to mess with buttons, zippers, or snaps at 3am! Our first collection of long sleeve PJs were constructed without these components and we’d like to expand with more no-fuss designs in the future...perhaps in our next collection :)

When will you have toddler sizes available?

Toddler sizes should be available in the next two weeks! We’ve received a lot of inquiries about them so we’re excited to show them off!

How do you give back to your community?

With any production run, there are products considered “damages”, meaning they have very minor flaws. We plan to donate our damages to families in need. It’s a small gesture that we think could make someone’s day just a little better. Our goal is to do that with every production run.

What advice would you offer to other small business owners?

One of the biggest challenges for any business, no matter the size, is finding and maintaining good employees. Invest in finding them. Once you do, treat them well, let them know they’re appreciated, and don’t let them go. I could not have launched this company without my team; I’m grateful for them every day.


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