Things We Love: Catch Some Air

Things We Love: Catch Some Air

Catch Some Air is a clothing company started by two sisters, Kristine and Brianna. When Kristine was diagnosed with leukemia, drawing designs and selling fun and inspiring t-shirts were a way to pass the time. Now, proceeds from their clothing sales help their mission of "helping kids with cancer stay happy when they feel crappy." Read our Q&A with Catch Some Air, The Happiest Clothing Brand on Earth, below! 

All of the Catch Some Air designs were hand-drawn by Kristine. What made you decide to make your sketches into t-shirts?

We actually started out sketching on our old t-shirts with Sharpies. We wanted to wear things that were fun and positive reminders because we were going through so much that was hard and not fun. You can't do much during cancer treatment, but one thing you do every morning is choose what to wear - just like you choose your thoughts everyday. We couldn't find shirts that inspired us like that at the store though - so we just made our own!

Do you have a current favorite design?

Are we allowed to have multiple favorites? Haha. Usually when we come up with a new design that becomes the new favorite. So, right now, the "Thankful" design :)

When did you begin your Dream List? Are there any on this list that are currently in the works of being fulfilled?

We started it when Kristine was almost halfway through her treatment, around the beginning of 2016. And yes!! With the help of a very generous person, we will be checking #39 off the list and taking some kids with cancer on a hot air balloon ride this week!

You mention on your website that you give 40% to kids battling cancer - 10% time, 10% profit, and 20% shirts. Are you primarily working with kids in your area, or have you traveled to other locations in the US?

In starting Catch Some Air, we have just let everything take it's natural course. So, we have been working primarily with kids in our area since that's where Kristine was treated and we built many relationships there - plus we couldn't travel during much of her treatment. However, we will be traveling to New Mexico to check #39 off the list with some cancer kicking heroes very soon! This will be our first out of state adventure with kids battling cancer. As we grow, and now that Kristine is all cleared to travel, we hope to do more with kids around the country too.

What's your vision for the future of Catch Some Air? And how can people help you fulfill this vision? 

We are constantly dreaming bigger and coming up with more ideas! We are big on creating community within hospitals between cancer patients because we've seen how much that helps kids (and caregivers!) through treatment. We plan to do group trips to places like Disneyland (currently raising money to take about 7 families!), and hope to one day own a big house/retreat center by the beach, where families dealing with cancer can just come out, connect with other families going through it, and relax and have fun (all free of charge of course). We also just had a van given to us (another cool long story!), and we hope to get that all wrapped/painted with Catch Some Air stuff and travel around the country to help other kids battling cancer check things off their dream lists too. Then of course help more kids "catch some air" in all types of air balloon rides, skydiving, paragliding...everything is just better when you're flying! All of this takes more money than we have at the moment, so the best way to help would be to buy some shirts or donate at Or if anyone wants to sponsor our van wrap, or give us a house on the beach in CA, that would work too ;)
You can learn more about the story behind Catch Some Air here. You can also follow their adventures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

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