Things We Love: Carved Life

Things We Love: Carved Life

Carved Life is a clothing company based in Portland, Oregon featuring organic clothing for babies and toddlers along with recycled cards, prints and coloring books. Owner Stephanie Sperring is the artist for each of her designs, producing the art in her home with a wood burning process. 

I choose wood as my medium for my initial images because of the depth it creates. I love working with wood, the smell and feel. I start off by drawing my vision on wood, then wood-burning on top of the image and carving the border. I then paint my art with acrylic paint and seal it. My art is then transferred digitally to the products.

Carved Life's organic clothing is made in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, and all of the commercial printing, whether on paper or clothing, is done locally in Portland. The clothing is printed with an environmentally friendly, water based ink. Plus, 10% of each all proceeds from Carved Life are donated to Doernbecher Children's Hospital Congenital Brain Anomalies Clinic. 

Stephanie lives in Portland with her husband, Dan, twins Mason and Quinn, and cat Hank. Her children are an inspiration to her work and are even her personal opinion panel:

I show every design to my kids, and if they smile, laugh and want to touch the art I know I have winner. Any time I have created a piece and they aren't that interested it isn't that popular!

Stephanie's advice for other small business owners? 

The main advice I have is that it isn't easy, and the key is to continue to try new things until you find something that works. I started off with cards, but tried aprons, totes, prints, and now onto onesies and toddler t-shirts. Eventually you will find your space! 


Shop Carved Life items online, or visit one of the retail locations that carry Carved Life. Follow Carved Life on Instagram and Facebook, and submit photos of your little ones in Carved Life to be included on the Carved Life Little Ones page

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